IB final exams 2023


The SISS Leadership Team, together with all staff members and the school community, wish you the very best for your final IB exams!

W. Scheuerpflug
IB Coordinator

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IGCSE Exams 2023

Good luck on your exams!
You've worked hard for this exam, so give your best effort!
Best wishes from the teaching team

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IB diploma programme 2023 – 2025 Information Meeting

thumb g8ea82953f 640Save the date for the upcoming IB information meeting with the IB coordinator on March 15th, 2023, starting at 7 PM.

Visitors are welcome, however most importantly the meeting focuses on Year 10 parents and students, also Year 9.

The place is in the Atrium of building 41.

Please read the update of our IB diploma programme which you will find in the download section or HERE.

(W.Scheuerpflug / IB coordinator)

Foto: Pixabay

Year 10 Mock Exam Timetable

Please click HERE for the mock exam timetables for January 2023.

Statement regarding new applicants to Year 7 and Year 8 (school year 2022/2023)

This statement applies to parents of children whose date of birth is between 01 July 2008 and 30 June 2010.

We are writing to inform you that we are currently extremely full in years 7 and 8. For this reason we are not able to invite your child for an entrance assessment.

We will keep your application on record for the remainder of this school year and we will contact you if any opportunities arise.

Please note that this is a decision based on internal constraints and we cannot reply to further enquiries due to the amount of applicants.

We wish you all the best for any future plans.

Kind regards,

Secondary leadership team (Schuldorf Bergstrasse)

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