School start on 22nd February 2021

Dear Parents of SISS Primary,

Regarding the upcoming school start for your children on Monday, 22nd February 2021, we would like to inform you about the regulations in place. We are aware, that this is still a difficult situation for all families as each child’s actual time in school is limited. Siblings in SISS Primary are scheduled for the same day, so that families do not have to cope with different days of attendance.

School hours as of 22nd February
The children will be in school on alternating days (rotation system), either in group A or in group B. They will have their regular lessons on the respective days, from 8.45 am – 3pm.

Supervision is offered for children from 3 pm until 6 pm.
Children need to be registered for SV – please find the registration form attached.

Arrival in school/ leaving school
To reduce the mixing of the cohorts on the playground before school starts, the children will be sent directly to their classrooms as of 8.30 am.
For the period before 8.30 am the schoolyard will be divided into four areas; one area for each cohort. All children who arrive before 8.30 am will have to stay in their assigned area.
This spatial separation on the courtyard in the morning before school starts means that
• the Spider web climbing frame can no longer be used at this time
• the children have very limited space to play
Therefore, we urgently ask all parents to ensure that the children arrive at school between 8.30 and 8.45 am if possible.


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Holiday Time- Travel Time

Dear Parents.

The autumn holidays are just around the corner and some families may have planned trips abroad.

Therefore, we would like to draw your attention to the following situations which require action on your part:

1) Families returning from high-risk areas must comply with the health regulations in force at the time of entry into Germany before the children can return to school.

2) In case only part of the family travels to/ returns from a high risk area: If children under 12 years of age live in a household with a person in quarantine they are not allowed to enter communal facilities such as

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